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Who I really am
Okay I'm not pretendin' to be somebody I'm not. First off, I'd like to make it clear to people that I don't look like that default pic, I just don't have ones of me uploaded. Secondly, my name is Permelia Donathan and I look like Claudia from the Anne Rice novels. But I have long brown hair and brown eyes (that can turn black when I'm mad or depressed). I'm the youngest of five siblings (2 step-sibs) I'm the fifth. I ain't like other girls, and believe me I mean it. I was bread born and raised in NC. If ya get me mad my thick-assed accent'll come out. It's not like I can really help it. I love the country more than the city, and you couldn't pay me to live in the city. I ain't got nothin' against city-slickers it's just the places they live. Given the chose between a double-wide or a mansion..Double-wide. My friends love me and my family loves me, and that's all the love I need. To be honest I don't think I'll ever get married and have kids 'cause I was raised to be independent. That's just the way I am. Free spirited and strong just like the country I grew up in. And yes I grew up in the back-woods near the mountains but that doesn't make me dumb. My IQ is 127 and I know World History better than any else I know. I guess I'm just wastin' time on here now so see ya.
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